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Sturdy valve without spring and odorless!


"MAGdrain " floor siphons use innovative technology that increases water flow to 36 liters per minute. The siphons have a valve with a turbine that rotates and swirls the water in the siphon, thus self-cleaning. This valve allows the turbine to rotate without any resistance. The innovative valve is not based on a spring, which after a period of time can be damaged /block, break, etc./. " MAGdrain " floor siphons use patented magnetic technology in their valves. They are available in luxurious packaging and complete with Ф50 socket and valve Q-5. It is also available valve G-50 for extremely low mounting, which in combination with elbow " MAGdrain " allows for 64 mm high installations together with the siphon. The valve protects you from unpleasant odors from the sewer, cockroaches, flooding from sewage water.

Advantage of MAGDRAIN

The MAGDRAIN valve can effectively prevent aerosol diffusion.
Prevents sewer gases and vapors, prevents the spread of infections coming from sewers and drains. 
This is the first floor trap that has successfully passed the test of the "Bell" laboratory. Details here.

MAGdrain Bulgaria

Maglev patent technology
Magnetic levitation technology has been implemented in creating a unique drain core.  

High water flow rate
Due to the large grille and whirlpool technology the water flow speed is quite high without ponding even when three showers are simultaneously open. 

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MAGdrain Bulgaria

"Tornado" self-cleaning technology
Magdrain has created an original rotary bonnet drainage technology which throws away sand, soap remnants and other kinds of small dirt may flow with drainage water. 

Magnetic isolation
The drain core contains isolated working magnets from the surrounding environment. The design ensures that no dirt will be accumulated on the core. 

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Reliable work

100% stop sewage smell
Rainstorms and several sanitary problems may result in water overflow. It has been created to block water backflow and sewage smell!

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Stop sewage smell